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We are unique

For many years, we have been working successfully with a constantly growing circle of national and international clients.

Amongst those are well-known chains and grocers as well as discounters and hardware stores.

Our ambition is to move the shoe business forward. And we keep proving this claim again and again – be it in the invention and patenting of flashing wellington boots for children or in the use of a trichromatic spraying machine in the production of our shoes. This is where our uniqueness manifests itself!

Our daily productive capacity lies at 22,500 pairs of shoes. With 220 working days a year, this amounts to a total production output of 5 million pairs each year.

Delivery concept “option quantities”

With our delivery concept of “option quantities”, we developed an instrument to offer our customers the possibility to store their goods free of charge for up to six calendar months. Within this period of time, our customers can retrieve their desired amount of goods easily and at any time. This makes them much more flexible in such cases when sudden bad or cold weather influences the demand for rubber boots or winter boots.